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Swetrade Pharmaceuticals AB is a Swedish company focusing on export of pharmaceuticals and vaccines both for human and veterinary use.

  • We work in close collaboration with the producing and researching pharmaceutical companies.

  • We are not a broker or middle-man, we are a sales representative working directly with the major manufacturers.

  • We are specialized in sales into specific areas.

  • Swetrade Pharmaceuticals is an authorized supplier to various UN and other humanitarian aid organizations.

  • Our staff derives its professional expertise from well known manufacturers like KabiVitrum, Astra Zeneca and Meda.

  • We follow good distribution practice (GDP 94/C 63/03).

  • We supply world leading brands of pharmaceuticals, top quality generics, vaccines and veterinary products.

  • A new proprietary product line is being commercialized based on a license agreement involving a patented technology with applications in both the water purification market and in the market for disinfection of dairy cattle and horses . The European roll-out of Digiderm™ started on the veterinary market in Scandinavia, Holland and Belgium during the second quarter of 2009. Hippoderm™ for the disinfection of horses will be launched in Sweden and Finland during the first quarter of 2011.

For more information follow the link to Digiderm™ and Hippoderm™.

Contact us in any of the following languages : Swedish, English, French, Spanish and Arabic.


For Emergencies and urgent requests, related to any natural catastrophy or disaster,
call us immediately by direct phone +46 (0)703775566 or mail at info@swetradepharma.com



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